Polyelectrolyte Dilution System

Sodi Scientifica has been operating for many years on the market with its line of automatic powder dissolution systems. It has now extended its own line of products with the brand-new polyelectrolyte dilution system AUTOMIX E for emulsion polymers.

The Automix E polyelectrolyte dilution system is a device that prepares polyelectrolyte solutions starting from dilution water and concentrated emulsion.
To reduce its size, all parts of the system have been arranged in a single panel, on both the front and the rear sides.

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Data sheet

Computerised control operated by PLC.
Can be used either with its maturation tank or by directly sending it to the grid.
Optional stainless steel frame, ready for free standing installation or wall mounting.
Small overall size.
The concentration of the final solution is highly accurate and repeatable.
Ease of use and of maintenance.
Wide range of accessories available.

Front side

On the front panel are the dilution water inlet, with its relative flow meter, and the inlet for concentrated emulsion, in addition to the metering pumps, the user interface management display, pressure gauges and a series of control accessories.

Rear side

On the rear side are the dilution water intake regulation devices, the main electric switch, the static mixer and the outlet for the final solution, ready to be sent to the grid or to be stored in its own maturation tank with low-speed stirrer and level probes.


Characteristics and Performance

Diaphragm volumetric metering pumps dose the concentrated emulsion (the pumps have a useful capacity that can be manually adjusted using the 10-100% scale), while the flow of dilution water is managed by a fixed-capacity self-regulating device.
Depending on the number of metering pumps installed, AUTOMIX E is available in three main models, Automix E 20, 40 e 60 that differ from each other in terms of maximum capacity of incoming concentrated emulsion. Thanks to the countless combinations of capacities for the incoming elements, AUTOMIX E ensures a high level of rated production capacity, ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 l/h, easily identified in the graph below.

For rated production capacities lower than 1,000 l/h or for variable capacity ranging from 100 l/h and 6,000 l/h, it is mandatory to use a storage and maturation tank for the final solution (otherwise optional).


Features and accessories on demand

To allow for maximum configuration and personalisation of the system according to the specific needs of the final client, Automix E has been designed with built-in hardware and software capable of fully exploiting the potential of the device even in its most basic version.

A number of accessories and relative software functions are available on demand, to obtain additional controls that can fulfil even the most demanding needs in terms of metering accuracy and automated process control.